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The RSPCA reports that in the last five years, we've received 1,621 calls about fireworks and their effects on animals. We see heartbreaking videos and images of animals struggling to cope during fireworks and the stress it causes them. We want to see fireworks regulations changed to protect our pets, wildlife and farm animals.

With more and more public event cancellations and concerns around large gatherings, this year's fireworks celebrations could be a powder keg for animals and their owners. While the bright colours, flashing lights and snap, crackle and pops are entertaining for humans - these result in huge fear, distress and fatal injuries for all kinds of animals.

A recent poll revealed that 52% of UK adults in England and Wales will be holding private displays at home, with friends and family. This spike in private displays (29% more than in 2019), could cause havoc for pets, livestock and wildlife.

This is why our campaign's vital message for 2021 is to encourage the public to consider their neighbours and notify those with animals so that they can prepare in advance. Please remember before the cheer, consider their fear.

Sadly, we estimate that hundreds of domesticated animals are cowering in their beds and shaking uncontrollably as fireworks are set off in surrounding neighbourhoods and for nights at a time.

Sadly it's not just dogs, suffering like this, results saw many pets showing distress during fireworks:

  • 62% of dogs
  • 54% of cats
  • 55% of horses

Fireworks are damaging to farm animals and wildlife; farm animals are easily frightened by loud noises and sudden flashes of bright light, which can startle and cause them to injure themselves on fencing and farm equipment.

Wildlife, like hedgehogs, are also at risk of being burnt alive after making their homes in bonfires.

Fireworks are also highly disturbing to some birds and have caused the abandonment of nests or even whole colonies.

THE RSPCA call on people to lobby their local authority to change the regulations HERE


QLocal asked on social media for people's comments, these were not solely from the UK.

Del - We took our Cocker Spaniel Trixi to a firework display when she was a puppy and from that day on fireworks, sirens and any loud noises never affected her!

Georgeann - Tony is terrified of them

Pat - Sara hates loud noises

Isabella - Our oldest dog has been prescribed human-grade medication for his reaction to fireworks. He is smart enough to know the difference between de-sensitisation CDs/videos and real fireworks (we think it’s the smell). He’s not scared, he is angry, and once the red mist sets in, he will throw himself at doors and windows to “get at” the fireworks. City life became unbearable as he was effectively drugged between Halloween through to New Year.

Michelle - My sister has had to sit out on the yard to keep an eye on our 29 year old pony that was upset by the fireworks!

Carole - A huge firework went off when Penny was in the garden, she was a young puppy and just came back from the vets having had her second puppy inoculation. The sky lit up red then this enormous explosion followed, I was a gibbering wreck but the puppy was really traumatised. Seven years on and it doesn’t get any better

Anita - Bonfire night is a nightmare in our house. Our dogs hate them, and so bark constantly and get quite stressed - which then stresses the cats because the dogs are barking.

Nicky - My dog ran around for 90 minutes until the neighbour's fireworks had finished. My daughter who is Autistic also hates them and I found her sobbing in her bedroom, she had covered her ears and still could hear them. My house stank of bonfire smoke. I really hope that the silent fireworks take off next year as last night was pure hell in my house. We’ve tried everything the covered den, turned up the tv, room sprays, thunder vests, ignoring he just hates them. Thank goodness it’s over here

Honor - My 3yr old Airedale is absolutely terrified of loud Fireworks, she shakes, pants, won’t eat or drink!! It’s horrific to have to witness!!!

Sandra - We have 2 Yorkshire terriers, the male runs down the garden barking at them, the female is a quivering wreck. We make sure as well as the tv being on in the other rooms the radio, playing reggae music (heard a long time ago dogs find it calming) to drown out the bangs.

Karen - We stay home 4th of July because our neighbour goes wild with fireworks

Eileen - My dogs have to be sedated. I’m in the US but believe the problem is universal. Several years ago on a neighboring farm outside Kingston WA a horse broke thru two barbed wire fences trying to escape the sounds of the fireworks. The damage to the horse was so bad he had to be euthanized.

Barb - Our poor Airedale Miss Louise is a mess. We have to THC CBD her, turn on music and lay with her

Helen - Oscar gets so angry and worked up and barks at them all the time. Bean is totally distressed, tail between his legs, shaking, panting and drooling. It is so upsetting not to be able to make him feel safe. As a one off evening I'm sure it would be OK and he would manage his distress but this is 2 weeks now. He doesn't even want to go outside when it's light we have to put him on his lead and take him outside in the garden staying with him all the time. It's awful

Debbie - Thankfully there's none allowed where I live, so although we can hear distant ones they're not disturbing in the least to my cats.

Triu - The noise and population are horrendous the sellers and buyers are not policed , they are putting two fingers up to green intuitive. 8 to 10 hours a night, ridiculous

Victoria - My poor girl hides in our shower so frightened

Rosemary - When my 60lb Airedale hears fireworks, he sits on my lap!!! Sedatives don’t work. I give him Benadryl.

Priscilla - My Airedales are so terrified that they shake uncontrollably. I fear they will have a heart attack since the fireworks go on for a long time.

Mer - My three bark at the first couple, and we pretend it’s nothing and they stop. We recently had fireworks for Diwali going off at the temple a few streets over. At ten, they did their usual initial bark, then went back to sleep. When they started again at 1:30 a.m. I barked!

Marcus - There is no consoling Daisy at all. She just hides in the corner of the room panting with her tail tucked under. Totally terrified.

Sally - Daisy is totally deaf so did not disturb her. Teddy got distressed as he thought it was gun fire again last night. Silent fireworks are what we need and only for the actual night and not for days as is happening.

Taniwha - Tani is quite scared. She won't go out in the garden when they're going off. She gets clingy. Although on Saturday evening, she slept through them. Tiki is indifferent so far, at 5 months, but then, so was Tani at her age, so Tiks might change as she gets older.
Aside from the totally unnecessary issues caused to animals - both domestic and wild - do fireworks not have an environmental impact too? All that smoke going up into the atmosphere? Plus, I don't know if gunpowder/cordite* is harmful to the atmosphere in itself?

Jacki - I used to have to dope Ruby up with rescue remedy she basically shook and shivered for 2 week season round here and again on NYE. She used to make a den against a wall behind the sofa and we used to cover the top. We had to get her home before dusk and make sure she’d eaten and had been in the garden before.

Blaze I did de-sensitising games with her as a tiny pup from the start of her years, she’s more confident but does still get startled by the sudden loud ones and wants to get at them….. she’s a rare one as she lives noise but they still disturb

Wendy - Fireworks do bother mine. I let them out Fri. night , some fireworks went off and they just barked at them

Carla - Ours don't really notice, husband took them out and played in the garden on their first bonfire night and the surrounding ones. They barely noticed, my neighbours have just done the same with their pup and it's worked a treat! Every dog is different but I think SOME owners make such a damned fuss before the first firework even goes off and the get so tense worrying that the dog will be terrified the dog reacts. They're clever little gits!

Christian - Its like a war zone by us. Two of ours are fine, our lab gets a bit over excited but our collie gets in a right state, panting, shaking, wont eat. Had tablets from the vets and still a shaking mess, ended up taking them out for a drive until late. Stopped off late in arnside and found a dog wandering. Rang the distraught owner on the tag and he had run off hours earlier with the fireworks.

Alaine - Many years ago, I had 2 week old puppies, we are taking turns to sit with mummy and pups. Well, on my shift, there I sit on pc, when all of a sudden.....the LOUDEST BANG I have ever heard ! Thought Windows would fall out ! Mum jumps up defending pups... ALAS! 6 died, one baby survived... called her LUCKY. This grown man who set fireworks off was, I am happy to say, put to rights, by three Dads, who's children were frightened. Don't know what was said, BUT HE HAS NEVER DONE IT AGAIN. When I told his wife she said he was a big kid ! Not the actual words I used...

Renee - Thankfully I live in a pretty sensible village full of dogs horses sheep etc. No close up fireworks. The dogs aren't fussed by bangs tho as they are very used to shotgun noise

Louise - Luckily this year the fireworks weren't in our village. We could hear far away bangs, Alfie barked a bit but nothing more. In the past we've had to take our previous dog away to remote cottages for the first week of November.

Diane - To watch your dog shiver, pant and rasp and have her tail so far under her body is heartbreaking. Even tv, etc. on high volume didn’t help the extra loud bangs ! This was in a pretty rural location so no doubt farm animals suffered greatly !